Has this ever happened to you?!

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Has this ever happened to you?!

NaughtyNikkie NaughtyNikkie
Ok so this had me laughing till tears came down my face.....

Today was cleaning day in my house, now my hubby is normally home to keep our 3 yr old busy but today I was on my own...
I'm scrubbing my bathtub in my bathroom and my son was playing in his room that's across from mine. Well he was in and out of my room off and on, he sat down to build a lego truck on his floor and asked me to come look when he was done.... Well when I hit the hall I heard this buzzing sound against something hard. Like a vibrator against a table..
He said "Look mommy my truck is cool and it goes vroooooom like a real truck" next thing I know he pulls one of my vibrators out of the truck he made and asked "Can I keep this, I want to build another truck that makes noise" I about died!!! It was soo funny, that little punk collected things from my room to put in the back of the truck too, mostly batteries and my rings but holy crap he pulled a toy out of my side table.. He NEVER goes in my table... Time for a locking toy box !!

Anyone else have their kids find there toys??
What happened??
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chicken12 chicken12
LOL! How did you react?

I am child-free and plan on staying that way, but I imagine that when I'm living on my own, I'm going to have to protect my things from my pets who seem to get into anything. Especially one of my cats who frequently paws open drawers and steals random things, especially things that make noise.
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