Have sex toys taken over your love life?

Rod Ronald Rod Ronald
Me and my wife enjoy sex now more then ever, largely beacuse we brought toys into the bedroom. Lately thought there seems to be more attention on the toy aspect of the fore play and what have you then actual contact. I laugh it off when I can, but what is a good way to bablance it out? Should I try bringing male toys into the mix as well? Or would that make it worse? I have talked to her about it and we both understand the issue at hand. Don't get me wrong, I'm not happy unless she gets off, I'm not a pushy husband who sits there and bitches that it's taking to long or whatever, I love those moments. It's just after it seems like its "Okay..well stick it in there and lets do this."
Is there a playfull way to break that up so I don't come of as a needy dick? Or am I in the right to feel like a needy dick?
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- Kira - - Kira -
Well, we use toys all the time and neither of us have any problems with it. However, if you feel like the toys have become more important than contact, just sit her down and talk to her. Say you'd still like to use the toys, but you'd like time to touch her and have her touch you more. Toys can still be a part of it, but just take a few minutes away from the toys and move it to the physical aspect.
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