Have You Been Cheated on By a Lover?? Tell Us Your Worst Stories

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Have You Been Cheated on By a Lover?? Tell Us Your Worst Stories

Brandonn Brandonn
I want to hear all the deets you have never told anyone. Think of this as therapy. Go ahead and include the year it happened (if applicable). The poll is set to private.
Answers (private voting - your screen name will NOT appear in the results):
Yes I have been cheated on
21  (45%)
No I haven't been cheated on (to my knnowledge)
26  (55%)
Other- (This better be good)
Total votes: 47
Poll is closed
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As far as I know, and I'm pretty certain, I haven't been cheated on. I feel pretty safe in that area with my current partner as well.
Brandonn Brandonn
About two years ago i was picking up some food, from a restaurant that was in the opposite direction of my way home. My order wasn't ready so i went into the bar to grab a quick beer. Who did i see, my girlfriend of 3 months at the time, and a guy i thought was one of my best friends. They didn't see me. I waved the waitress over and took her to the table. I said, "I wanna buy these two a drink, they deserve each other".
Kitka Kitka
As far as I know, no I haven't been cheated on.
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
I suspected that my first wife did, but never pursued confirming it because I had already decided it was over.
spunkmonkey spunkmonkey
Nope. Not yet atleast.
C-Rae C-Rae
I believe I have but NEVER got a real anser to this day but I think I have been cheated on.
Mwar Mwar
Yah, I was. I found out through friends (they were truthful) and i gave him chances to come clean. He didn't so I became the "no" and bitch queen. He decided to break up with me because of that, then found out from friends he knew he was creeping. Win.
Antipova Antipova
I don't believe I've ever been cheated on. The only instance even sort of like that would be when I was in an open relationship with a "you must disclose if you have sex with other people before the next time we have sex" rule, and he didn't follow it (but just through oversight, he mentioned it like 8 hours later) ... still, we stopped sleeping together because I felt like I needed to have limits that were respected... sigh. I didn't feel personally affronted, though, I still knew how much he cared for me. No hard feelings, even now all these years later.
DreamWolf DreamWolf
The two cases are: once my first love spent a Night with a female friend of his, and I was fine with it because we didn't live together yet (and because of my parents we weren't even sure if we will be able to), the other was that my second love asked me sometimes to go to my parents and stay for a day or two, saying some stories I believed in those days (until he lied to me in such an outrageous way once that I just stopped believing even the most innocent stories, it was way after we broke up), but he later had me go back to him to spend a Night there sometimes, having a girl but not telling her (he said that she was worse than I was - I was quite lazy in those days to care about domestic duties as much as one is supposed to), and I went along for a while because my thing was that it is his decision to cheat on her and if it's not me then it would be someone else, we were still good friends - and, I do think already that whenever he had me go to my parents he was with other girls too, so I do think now that he cheated on me, behind my back - if it is something your love admits right after it has happened and (s)he is totally fuckin sorry and you can really see that (s)he is from the bottom of her/his heart then it's ok, people aren't perfect (and then you would expect the same of course), or if it has been agreed on because then it is your choice too, unless you tell that you have changed your feelings about it - but in any way what you don't openly and heartfully agree about is cheating - so yep, in this case, provenly and supposedly I was cheated on twice, thank God it is the past and they are both the past too! ^^
I've never been cheated on as far as I know.
~LaUr3n~ ~LaUr3n~
Thankfully I have no stories.
hyacinthgirl hyacinthgirl
My ex cheated on me through most of our relationship, apparently because it was mostly distant. I wasn't there, so he'd have sex with anyone who was. His former friends finally told me, and it came out that the only reason no one had told me was because he was telling everyone else we had an on-and-off or an open relationship.

The worst is when he cheated on me with a 17 year old girl he routinely referred to as his kid sister or his daughter.
Beck Beck
I have been cheated on and I was the other women once too without knowing it. I dated this guy and he had broken up with this girl, so I thought. And when I found out her was still with her he was cheating on us both. He ended up being much worse than a cheater, he also turned into a stalker, so I am glad he went away, but only after I moved away from my home town.
Sinfully Sinfully
Too my knowledge no I haven't been cheated on.
ECU Pirate ECU Pirate
so glad i dont have to worry about this
kawigrl kawigrl
not that I know of
shySEXXaddict shySEXXaddict
Originally posted by Brandonn
I want to hear all the deets you have never told anyone. Think of this as therapy. Go ahead and include the year it happened (if applicable). The poll is set to private.
I have been cheated on by my oldest sons father with a friend of ours that we worked with! my other serious bf cheated on me too..i have severe trust issues for sure
Jul!a Jul!a
To my knowledge I haven't been cheated on, although I have my doubts about one of my previous relationships. Nothing all that concrete, just a gut feeling based on some of his actions.
Alx Alx
can't say I've been cheated on. they've always turned out to be the incredibly jealous types and would try to *set me up* and, damn, hell if I know. didn't last long with any of them either, obviously.
Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
I have been cheated on but the fire and hurt from those times is mostly gone. Now it's just a reminder of how badly it hurts to believe you have a solid, trusting relationship only to find out that you are deluding yourself.

I have also emotionally cheated on Sigel so I was not blameless just very clueless by choice. Hell he gave all the 'signs' but I wanted to be fooled. For us recognizing that we wanted something different out of our life together than most people we knew was the key to turning it around and getting back the relationship we both wanted and needed.

The cheating will never be an easy thing to discuss but in many ways it became a good enemy, teaching us both so much about ourselves. Sometimes learning lessons really, really suck!
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