Have you ever been kicked out of anywhere (school, sports event, bar, club, store)? Why?

Bignuf Bignuf
I hear about people getting "kicked out" of this and that, but never having been kicked out of anything, I really wonder what you have to do to have that happen in the real world?

How did that happen to you?
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Thong man Thong man
I got kicked out of a concert at our amphitheater. It was raing and we decided to belly slide down the hill. Lots of us got kicked out.
C&K0143 C&K0143
I got kicked out of a bar on my 21st birthday for being too drunk. I “got sick” right in the doorway as we left. Kind of a parting gift. - C
Ansley Ansley
Yep. It was a personal issue between the bartender and myself. As in I had just dumped him for the third time...c'est la vies.
shorejen9 shorejen9
No I haven't. Parents scared me so bad I'm a rule follower lol
Cinnyree Cinnyree
I am banned from the local bar because I worked in the restaurant and was fired for speaking my mind when I shouldn't have. The next time I went in the bar to meet a friend I was told that the owner didn't want me in there and to leave. Good times!
KinkyKatieJames KinkyKatieJames
I've been kicked out of bars when the people I was with became too rowdy. I have one friend who never knows when to quit. She then gets loud and will pick a fight with just about anyone (including her own friends when we try to tell her that she's had enough). Technically, I personally have never been the reason we were asked to leave, but was guilty by association. I would have left anyway if she was kicked out; I wouldn't let my friend take the heat by herself.
babyrock babyrock
refused entry during bar craw because we've been to a few too many bars previously
BlackOrchid BlackOrchid
got kicked out of a concert. my bf (at the time) was causing problems... I wasn't doing anything, but they figured out that I was drunk and underage.
At the time I thought it was the end of the world, but in retrospect, that's one time out of a lot that I drank underage. And there's a lot worse consequences to that than getting kicked out of a concert. No cops or parents got involved.
Trixxxy Trixxxy
I got kicked out of walmart because my friends thought it would be funny to throw me inside the thing that holds the balls in the toys section
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