Have you ever "walked in another's shoes" and realized how wrong and judgmental you were previous to that experience? Explain.

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Have you ever "walked in another's shoes" and realized how wrong and judgmental you were previous to that experience? Explain.

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Before I started watching porn with my husband, I thought the women in porn were being demoralized and degraded, desperate & needed money and runaways, junkies & more. After I started watching occasionally, I realized those women are having fun. I read the interviews, bios and anything I could get my hands on. Once I figured out that the porn industry isn't just a seedy, sleazy business but can be legitimate, pays stars very well and these women made choices to act in this industry and love doing it my attitude completely changed. I realized that a lot of the time, we are ingrained with ideas from society and ignorance and pass judgment based on ideals we know nothing about. I am now a huge porn watcher, with my husband. After I tried the cam experience, I also realized that it can be fun, builds up your self & sexual confidence and the occasional money is a fun bonus. Guess I had to walk in their shoes to get it, but at least I overcame my prejudice and gained a lot of knowledge and fun experiences from it!!!
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Rin (aka Nire) Rin (aka Nire)
"Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes. That way when you criticize them, you're a mile away from them and you have their shoes"

I love that quote.

For a while, I had the same notions about porn. I couldn't understand why women would really perform in videos like that, though it might have been because I was still slightly uneasy about my own sexuality. I would still watch from time to time, though (guilty pleasure or hypocrisy? You decide), and at the end of one clip I watched, one of the actresses said, "Thank you for having me here today." with a big, genuine smile. That's kind of where it clicked for me.

In another category, my shopping habits changed somewhat after I started working. I was never a customer who'd complain about every little thing, but I was sometimes very impatient when there wasn't a need for it. Since I started work, I realize that there's a lot of things that can prevent you from completely satisfying a customer, so now I try to be patient and polite whenever I go shopping. (I also wonder how anyone can have a job and still act like a jerk when they shop. That puzzles me.)
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