Heading To Nashville!!!!

js250 js250
Yes!! We got the haul and set in Nashville! I am so excited...I can actually spend time at the Opry, go to a museum for one of my ancestors, check out the shops and...Music Row. Of course it will not be complete until I go to Loretta Lynn's and check out her motocross track--or to pay my respects and reverences to Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash and eat at the tiny deli's and off-the-path eateries down south. We are leaving in a couple of weeks and I already have my bag packed with toys I need to review while I am waiting in the motel during the day for my hubby to get off the site....simple pleasures!!!
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edeneve edeneve
ahhh, reviewing.....I miss those days.
js250 js250
Yep--reviewing!! I have gone over the items on the site and the 79 that I have that could use reviews and decided it would be a good time. And I also know that EF packages will go to the motel room I am in when I travel!!!
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