Healthy diets and exercise

eri86 eri86
How do you motivate yourself and actually do it?
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married with children married with children
We cook almost every meal ourselves, so they are pretty healthy. I get exercise at work every day.
K101 K101
Originally posted by eri86
How do you motivate yourself and actually do it?
Well a healthy diet, I don't have trouble motivating myself to do it. I really enjoy eating healthy. It's fun for me. I like health foods & find the health benefits of different foods & herbs very interesting! So I really enjoy trying everything & I feel a lot better when I eat healthy. However, I definitely enjoy un-healthy foods when I feel the urge too. I don't deprive myself of things I really find delicious! Lol.

Exercise is a bit harder. I use my fitness pole for most of my exercise, but there are phases where I am too busy to mess with it. I will get outside and do something, do whatever I can to be active. I've read many times that any kind of movement is good and beneficial, so I remember that & will do as much as I can, even if I'm just cleaning the house -- I'll find ways to work a little bit.
spiced spiced
Originally posted by eri86
How do you motivate yourself and actually do it?
Both are habits. The hard part is getting started and keeping it going for the first few weeks. After about 6 weeks, I think you'll find (as I did) that it's easier to keep exercising and eating healthy than it would be to stop.

I can't really speak to how to get started with a healthy diet, other than to make substitutions (for example, replace soda with unsweetened iced tea, or replace one meal's dessert with fruit). Small steps work best for me. I like to make each change "stick" before making any more changes. My wife has helped me learn to eat healthy and after almost 10 years, she's STILL teaching me better nutrition.

With exercise, I find what works REALLY well is simply to dress for it, even if I don't feel like exercising. I find if I put on my workout clothes, I always go ahead and work out. I hope that's useful to you! Let me know if you want more specifics and what you'd like to know and I can probably offer something.
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