HELP! Replacement Charger for the Bcurious?

Bex1331 Bex1331
So I was just wandering through my local sex shop (because my friend had never been, trust me I'm no traitor) but I noticed that they have Bcurious for $20! Naturally I grabbed it as soon as I saw it but unfortunately it was the display version and they couldn't find the charger. They are willing to give me another 30% off if they don't find the charger so I'm looking online and I also have my name down so they can call me if they find it. I even emailed Bswish to see if they'll sell me one for cheep. Anyone have any ideas where I can get one?
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Beck Beck
You might have luck putting this in the classifieds.
Bex1331 Bex1331
Yea I thought about that but I've never put anything there so I'm not too sure how it works... I'll go try it though, it's just such a good deal I hate to miss it lol
js250 js250
You can find replacement chargers at Walmart or another large dept. store. Also try an electronics store. Just make sure you can return the charger is it does not work and keep trying until you get one with the right end. We have a ton of them from our game systems that seem to work just as well.
bmann bmann
You should try Radio Shack. I am sure they will have one. I couldn't tell you what it might cost though......
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