Herbal teas for painkilling: what do you like to use? :)

DreamWolf DreamWolf
Just wondering... ^^
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Petite Valentine Petite Valentine
I enjoy a nice herbal tea, but I don't know of any strong enough to be classified as "painkilling." I'm going to watch this thread because maybe someone else knows something I don't.
charletnarouh charletnarouh
We're in the process of a making an herb tincture for headaches. Peppermint essential oil applied topically is a great pain reliever. I use it on muscle soreness, on my hips during menstrual cramps and especially on my pulse points for headaches! I add a little lavender oil to mine because it also helps with headaches. Try Frugally Sustainable for some herbal tinctures. I can't give any advice on teas for pain relief though. Some peppermint tea would probably be good for headaches just because peppermint is really good aromatherapy for headaches.
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