How do you commute to work?

Zandrock Zandrock
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Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
Originally posted by Zandrock
I get up, wander into the living room, grab a cup of coffee and log into my computer. If school is in I get the girls up and then log in!
hjtee hjtee
I take the 10 steps from my bed to my 'play' room, then wait for children to arrive!

When I ran an out of home daycare, I took the 50 steps from my front door, to the front door of the center. Buying the building nextdoor was a glorious idea!

I just like walking to work I guess.
js250 js250
I turn the key in the ol' Chevy'--and slowly drive to work....Slowly because I want to be in bed still sleeping!! I have a 15 mile drive to work.
Sundae Sparkles Sundae Sparkles
I take the bus VROOOOOOOOM
on the bus what would take me less then 10 minutes takes about 30 YAY!
I use to walk until I was informed that it was a bad idea to walk around where I live at night
Gdom Gdom
I walk across the street to class
SMichelle SMichelle
I walk two blocks to work.
married with children married with children
I drive, we live outside of town and my job site changes from time to time.
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