How does your dog let you know they want to go "out"?

Bignuf Bignuf
I have heard of so many "cute" systems. Scratching at the door, of course, or whining, but also, coming with leash in mouth, or ringing a bell. Even one dog who has a little "I want a walk" sign, he brings over from by the door when he wants to go outside.

How does your dog let you know?
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Lioncub Lioncub
My sons will come to whoever he deems important enough to let him out and bark once then nod towards the door. If you don't jump right away he will do it again then he goes and stands by the door. Keep him waiting and he'll start scratching. He doesn't get that we can't drop everything at his moments notice to let him out.
Taylor Taylor
My dog will stand by the door. If I don't see him because I am out of the house or in another room, he will wait a couple of minutes and then go on the carpet
KyotoAngel KyotoAngel
Ours usually runs to the door, and sometimes barks or whines if it's been a while (like when everyone's sleeping)...but lately he's taken a liking to going in the house because my mother's boyfriend intentionally ignores him when he asks to go out.
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