How many times....seriously now!

MamaDivine MamaDivine
I am sitting here at the table, laptop, coffee, smokes and a pile of wadded up papers that are staring me in the face lmao. How many times can I write out a list of toys that I want, or might possibly want, before I choose a freakin' order list to place this week!? I mean really now! haha. I keep crumpling up pieces of paper every time I find something new that I want to try and damnit all my kitchen table is only so big! LOL!!!!!

I was just wondering, how many of you do the same thing that I am doing? Do you write it out and go over the numbers, down to the penny? Or do you use wishlists and just click click and go? I swear, I've lost my mind because I go through this every time an order needs placing LOL.
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