How many children?

Kaltir Kaltir
How many kids do you have? Or hope to have?
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married with children married with children
2 boys. no more in the future
M121212 M121212
I have none, and would like to have one or two...
PiratePrincess PiratePrincess
In the future I want three or four.
Cedarlooman Cedarlooman
Originally posted by Kaltir
How many kids do you have? Or hope to have?
2 is plenty. Keep getting hints about wanting a third, I keep dropping hints about how easy it is to get a vasectomy.
Valentinka Valentinka
I have none. But being a single child in a family I've always dreamed of 2 or 3.
BadgersRose BadgersRose
I have 2 a 15year old boy and a 21year old girl. Will NOT be having any mo
darthkitt3n darthkitt3n
I don't have any kids yet, though I will probably have one or two.
*Ashley* *Ashley*
I have two kids. A two year old daughter, Riley | July 4, 2008. Than an almost 6 month old son, Dylan | September 30, 2010.
Hot'n'Bothered Hot'n'Bothered
currently have 3, want one more.
slynch slynch
Two daughters.

This year they will be 14 & 16.
hjtee hjtee
Currently we have none.
We are trying to decide between 1 & 2, but we are leaning towards 2 because we can't decide on whether we want a boy or girl, so we're just going to try for one of each.
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