How many of you either do or would work with your partner? Own a business with your partner?

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How many of you either do or would work with your partner? Own a business with your partner?

js250 js250
Would you work with your partner every day?
Do you work with your partner every day?
Do you own a business with your partner?
Would you own a business with your partner?

Could you please explain how working with your partner is a good or bad experience? Why you would never work with your partner? And why you would or would not own a business with your partner. There is a lot at stake in my personal life and even though I have one negative experience with my hubby as a business partner I am considering separating one of my businesses out and possibly making him either an employee or partner. PLEASE help with your opinions and advice...I have time to read and make up my mind but need other opinions to take into consideration so I know I made the best decision possible.

The previous bad experience we had is not applicable with this new business idea, by the way. This is a very different concept and business.
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meluaz69 meluaz69
My partner and I have worked together in his automotive repair shop off and on for years. I take care of all the office stuff for him. It works out ok for the most part however he has a tendency to mandate things upon me to the point of being bossy and pushy! this is supposed to be a team and it is his show most of the time. It has its downfalls like spending way too much time together at work makes the time at home not as special. it is good in ways too you have faith in your partner so work isnt as stressful, you get to spend time together, having a hand in each others careers. all in all it is really how well you work together and if you can keep things mutually even not one having more power over the other. Having him as an employee may not be the best idea you want the two of you to have some equality.
puppylove puppylove
I do not work with my partner, but I grew up with my parents working together, it was just the two of them in the business. They would bicker and argue a lot and that would boil over at home at night, it got to the point where they couldn't stand to spend time together outside of work. My mom eventually fired my dad, said it was work or their marriage, and it seems to work out better for them to keep work and home lives separate.
Peggi Peggi
We have entirely different lines of work so we most likely wouldn't be working together, but we've considered it. He loves retail work and actually thinks it's fun if he's at the right place, while I've always been in healthcare. Almost 2 years ago he decided he wanted to just stay at home and do the housework and all, while I continued to work and support us, and now I am currently unable to work due to health issues of my own, so I've been at home with him doing the same thing - just enjoying our time together waiting for things to pick up

Now, I can say that since we wake up together, spend every waking moment that doesn't involve things that require privacy (that doesn't include showering though!) and then go to bed at the same time together, we literally spend pretty much 24/7 together and have for several months. We actually love it because we are one of the couples who can't stand to be away from one another for too long. Sure I can hang out with my girls and have a night out once in a while, but I prefer to just stay home with him most nights
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