How old were you when you started to smoke? :D

DreamWolf DreamWolf
Nope, you don't have to tell if you find your case too early...
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Melan!e Melan!e
Peggi Peggi
Smoking cigs, probably about....17? But only once in a while. I didn't really pick up until I was maybe 21ish? I don't have any withdraws or anything when I stop, I actually haven't had a cig in over a week and don't have any cravings or urges. It's more casual, same with hubby.
unfulfilled unfulfilled
Never thankfully. I grew up in a house of smokers and swore I'd never do it.
Destri Destri
I started when I was 21... lo these many years ago.
SaraW0512 SaraW0512
Cigarette? I was 19, regret it everyday now. Eventually, I will put them down and never pick them up again. Weed? Never.
P'Gell P'Gell
I have never had a tobacco cigarette. I first smoked weed at about 14. No tobacco, though. It's so toxic. I even knew that at 12, when many of my friends started.
HB042 HB042
Cigarettes- My brother is 6 years older than me, and started smoking around 16... so I was 10. I was never an habitual smoker, between the ages of 10 and 15 I smoked a pack a year, and always in secret. I stopped when my mom found out, at 15. Since then, I will smoke cigarettes when I am drinking heavily, so extremely rarely. I do enjoy the hookah every few weeks, though.

Weed- I held off til I was 31! All of my high school friends were stoners, too. They would offer, I would refuse, and they would say "Cool, more for me." and just let it be. I'm glad I have since done so, but I'm also glad I waited on that one.
lulz lulz
I don't smoke ... cigarettes
wicked weasel wicked weasel
Grew up on 2nd hand smoke, thus I don't smoke cigs.
But weed at 35 and still going!
shySEXXaddict shySEXXaddict
Originally posted by DreamWolf
Nope, you don't have to tell if you find your case too early...
ugghh...unfortunately 16.Then I finally quite the habit a couple years ago when I was prego,for a year exactly and found out my lt bf at the time had cancer and was dying and started back up.Go figure..what a dumb fool I was because now Im so week and cant stop!but it was that or a joint..and being at the hospitaland having kids it wasnt gona be a joint!
Envy Envy
I don't smoke anything, never have, never will. Weed to me is just as bad to inhale as cigs because it's, well, smoke, and it irritates the sacs in the lungs and can cause problems. And i have a lot of respiratory problems as is, very sensitive to the pollution in the air. You'd think I was a smoker due to how much crap I cough up every day. (I live in a very polluted smog-filled city.)
little miss kinky little miss kinky
I don't think I smoked anything til I was around 17.
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