I spilled all....

Dragon Dragon
I had dinner with a treasured friend yesterday. We always end up talking about sex, and this time Eden came up. I talked that I'd learned some sex toy materials really aren't safe, the variety, and the health issues. (She's the one with horrendous periods.)

We ended up looking at the site on my iphone, looking at the front page and several reviews.

Just wanted to let you know that she was impressed and interested. I wanted to thank all the reviewers that spend time on their reviews and leave behind a quality site that can provide new information- even when people only read a few reviews.
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Sammi Sammi
That's great that you could share with her!
Tuesday Tuesday
I'm impressed that a complex site like this looks good on an iphone.
Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
That's totally cool.
*Country Girl Can Survive* *Country Girl Can Survive*
YAY for being able to share!!
Dragon Dragon
Are you kidding? The iphone is fantastic, and the reviews that we pulled up randomly were a great eye-opener for her. You guys are great. (So was the wine, and my friend is fantastic!)
Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
So will she wander in and pull up a chair? That's wonderful that you could point out a quality site to your friend.
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