If someone designed an EdenFantasys dildo..

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If someone designed an EdenFantasys dildo..

MrWill MrWill
and successfully got it to market through either an established company or by home molding... Would you buy it, so you could be ON Eden while you are on Eden?

In all seriousness, what kind of "themed" dildos would the populace of paradise like to see?
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Trixie Horror Trixie Horror
Hurr hurr, a funny!

Honestly though, I like the weird ones. Not to use them (I'd probably never buy one) but I love looking at the tentacles ones Eden's got, or the zombie/vampire ones. I saw a few dragon ones the other day on another site. They're just really interesting.

Or, the site should consider a gothic section.
edeneve edeneve
not much into dildos. maybe if there was something a little different like G-brush.
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