Did you ever have Imaginary Friends?

Anne Anne
I used to have one named Elise when I was a little kid, probably because I was a loner going through a lot back then. I remember swinging on my backyard swing talking to her as if she were really there. I feel weird looking back, kinda embarrassed, I guess, but maybe it was something I needed to help me through the bad times. What are your thoughts on imaginary friends? Did you used to have one? Do you still do?
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Ms. N Ms. N
I didn't have one, but my youngest sibling did. My niece had several. It's amazing the details of these friends' lives that they came up with. I think it just shows a strong imagination and there is nothing wrong with it. Imaginary friends seem to disappear once kids go to school and make real friends.
I didn't have any but my cousin had tons. Only child.
Vanille Vanille
I had imaginary siblings apparently. I guess I always wanted a younger sib, but never got one. *laughs*
Geogeo Geogeo
I don't think I ever did.
Petite Valentine Petite Valentine
I'm told that I did, but I don't remember her… him… anything.
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