Indoors or outdoors?

Nazaress Nazaress
Do you like the indoors better or the outdoors?
Answers (public voting - your screen name will appear in the results):
Nazaress , BobbiJay , Chirple , kz916 , xyrella , LAndJ , DeliciousSurprise , ksparkles16 , GONE! , dv8 , petname , TameTemptress , Secret Pleasure
13  (32%)
In Between Soliloquies , (k)InkyIvy , Lover of Leather , funluvinmama
4  (10%)
Both equally
Kitka , Wide Awake Daydream , meitman , Nora , MAy86 , EnChAnTiNg , kawigrl , A.Mari , Cookie Monster Mike , Sohotdinosaur , MissCandyland , Ghost , Allstars316 , unfulfilled , Fun with Dick & Jane , bl0ndeeo2 , Rossie , sktb0007 , Illumin8 , NicNat , PeaceToTheMiddleEast , DiamondKoala , Airen Wolf , Trepier
24  (59%)
Other (Explain)
Total votes: 41
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Nazaress Nazaress
I like the indoors myself. I love my Internet, books, and video games. I've never liked the outdoors much and I don't think that will ever change. Lol.
Kitka Kitka
I like both equally. We do a lot of camping/hiking/biking/ picnics/etc. when it's nice out.
QSBybakd QSBybakd
When it is really nice out, I prefer it outside. I could just lay on a sheet on the grass and read and listen to music and take pictures of bugs until they day that I died. But to me, nice out is around 65-75 degrees. Anything hotter than 80 I can't stand, so yeah. I'm an indoor girl most of the time.
kz916 kz916
Depends but both.
Bugs disgust me, so I'd have to say inside.
In Between Soliloquies In Between Soliloquies
I love the outdoors, provided it's not outdoors in a grimy city or just unfavorable weather conditions. Either way, I always prefer fresh air and natural sunlight over industrial lighting and recirculated air.
kawigrl kawigrl
ksparkles16 ksparkles16
im an indoors person
Cookie Monster Mike Cookie Monster Mike
I like both, but mostly indoors in the winter. I'm in the Midwest and it just suuucks! I like to get out in the summer. People here complain, "oooohh it's 80degrees out it's sooooo hooot" but for me that's beautiful, i'll even take a nice hot 100+ day now and then.
(k)InkyIvy (k)InkyIvy
I'm just a silly hippie. I come from a family of outdoorsy people (many of us even have plant names, from birth!), and I just find the outdoors to be comforting. Though, there are obviously scenarios that would make indoors preferable, such as foul weather or lots of mosquitoes.
MissCandyland MissCandyland
Depends on the weather.
What SilverMinxxx said.
unfulfilled unfulfilled
I like them both, but my husband is not an outdoors person so I never get to do anything fun outdoors. I'd love to go hiking.
Allstars316 Allstars316
It depends on the weather and time of year. I like the fall and parts of the winter to be outside.
Rossie Rossie
I like both. I love going to the coast at least once a month, last week I was watching huge waves gushing and covering all the sand. Then I went up to the viewpoint rock, where the fog was so dense and probably only had a 30 feet visibility, I can't even see the exit from where I was parking!
sktb0007 sktb0007
If it's really cold, or raining, I prefer to be inside!
Illumin8 Illumin8
We like both fairly equally. Love just cuddling on the couch but like to be active as well!
NicNat NicNat
I like both the same, There is so much i can do in both.
funluvinmama funluvinmama
Secret Pleasure Secret Pleasure
Indoors I hate being outside.
Trepier Trepier
Love both of them. Living in the country have a nice outdoors area. Enjoy being able to go outside and run through the woods and trails of the local park. Also love being indoors and being able to relax and read a book.
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