Have you found the perfect internet lover?

jjesssica jjesssica
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Have you ever found the perfect guy/woman over the internet but they live in another state/country ?
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js250 js250
Perfect lover--no.

I have found four of my absolute best friends on the internet, though. These are some of the most important people in my life and our friendships are absolutely amazing!!!
KyotoAngel KyotoAngel
Yeah...my boyfriend, I met him on IMVU and we've been talking almost daily through texting and MSN for close to three years now but he lives way down at the opposite end of the east coast down in Florida.
Sufficient to say the distance is becoming almost maddening at times, he has such an unpredictable schedule at work that he can't come up here for a visit and I've no way of getting down there to visit him.
We're hoping to work something out in the next year or two if we can though.
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