Is anyone willing to e-mail me the intro clip to the EF review videos?

ToyGurl ToyGurl
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I need to post a few review videos but I lost my intro clip (The musical clip with the EdenFantasys logo) that goes in front of my personal video. Would anyone be willing to e-mail it to me?

If so please comment below and my e-mail is SecretToyLover2@Gmail. com
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Linga Linga
I will!

Have you gotten it yet?
ToyGurl ToyGurl
Originally posted by Linga
I will!

Have you gotten it yet?
I just checked and it didn't come in. I checked my spam too. :/ I wonder why it isn't sending. did you accidentally put only one T?

SecretToyLover2@Gmail. com

It's okay if it doesn't work. i'm not sure what would be happening. I usually get videos just fine Thanks anyway!
Jul!a Jul!a
I will try shortly, but if all else fails you can always request it from Carrie Ann Again
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