Is it possible for a male to get a curvy figure?

Lacey Fennec Lacey Fennec
Has anyone ever tried to get curves, if so what did you try? My back has a natural curve, and my bum sticks out a bit to give a nice figure. What I'm looking for is any advice on maybe making the hips appear wider, or perhaps increasing the size of my butt. I'm not looking for a dramatic change, but I would like a more feminine figure. I hope I'm making sense, any advice would be appreciated.
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Mwar Mwar
That's genetic. Some men do naturally have a pear shape which is sometimes called "female fat distribution." How you store fat just... is. Short of artificial means like padding your hips or surgical/hormonal methods, only what your genes determine will do this.
peachmarie peachmarie
Lol my boyfriend has a pretty nice pair of money makers and a big o'll butt. He doesn't want them but he's got them and I love him either way lol.
treehugger treehugger
Unfortunately, yeah, a lot of that has to do with hormones and fat distribution. Sometimes gaining a bit of weight can help, but that really depends on the person. Otherwise there's clothing you can wear to give the appearance of curves.
Pixel Pixel
Maybe corseting? (With steel boned corsets, not plastic ones, as plastic won't cinch at all.) I waist train fairly regularly, and it helps with my shape. My (male) partner has worn my corset before, and it accentuates the hell out of his hips and chest!
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