Jenna Marbles - hilarious video blogger

Jul!a Jul!a
Ok, a friend of mine introduced me to Jenna Marbles, and I can spend hours watching her silly videos. One of my favorites is things to do instead of cleaning your room, although a lot of her videos are freaking hilarious. Things like what girls do on the internet, and what boys do on the internet, and what caffeine does. These videos just crack me up, and I think you guys would have a great time watching them.
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KinkyKrissy KinkyKrissy
I've seen a couple of her videos before but not the ones you've listed. I'm watching them now and they're putting me in a better mood so thank you
alliegator alliegator
I got a kick out of watching the two what __ do on the internet videos back to back
Jul!a Jul!a
It was bad, I seriously only went to watch one or two videos and ended up watching for like, an hour one day lol. I had never heard of her until a few weeks ago.
SexyLilPixi SexyLilPixi
I'll have to check these out! Thanks for sharing!
Papershotglass Papershotglass
Her best one is "How to Trick People into Thinking You're Good Looking" hands down.
But the girls on internet - I cringed, it was so true. SO TRUE.
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