AmberM AmberM
So, in the spring and winter mostly, i have ladybugs that come into my house.. They're kinda creepy to me.. and i freak out every time one touches me.. How do YOU feel about Ladybugs?
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js250 js250
I feel like they are good luck. I love them!!
Coralbell Coralbell
I used to love them when I was little. We'd get a lot on the grape vines and I'd catch them and put them in a fishbowl with leaves and grass in the bottom. I'd bring them into the house for a few days, then set them free. They don't bite and they'd just let me pick them up and crawl all over my arms and tickle.

But a few years ago there was an invasion of Japanese ladybugs around here. They were orange instead of red. I remember going to the beach one day and there were thousands and thousands of dead ladybugs washed up on the shore on the edge of the water. It was really gross! They're gone now though.

Also, if you've ever had a ladybug fly into your mouth they taste really horrible! I'm pretty sure they squirt out some kind of nasty substance so predators won't eat them.
Rossie Rossie
They're the only insect that I actually like, and am comfortable to touch, and they're good for your garden.
PeaceToTheMiddleEast PeaceToTheMiddleEast
They say they are good luck but when I see them in my house they are mostly dead makes me sad.
switzerland switzerland
bugs that fly in general freak me out. but lady buys are nice to look at. just not in my house
Rossie Rossie
Originally posted by switzerland
bugs that fly in general freak me out. but lady buys are nice to look at. just not in my house
Just pick them up gently, and release them outside.
interestingstuff interestingstuff
I like ladybugs. I've been one for halloween for three years.
Well.. I used to like them, until I went up into the mountains where there was an infestation and I walked into a cloud of them. Ladybugs up the nose is no fun.
Jul!a Jul!a
I like ladybugs, although I'm not a huge fan of having them inside my house.
Ansley Ansley
Pretty much the cutest insect, ever. I love ladybugs and I won't remove nor kill them if I find them in the house. I regard them as bringers of good luck and they're harmless.
Princess-Kayla ♥ Princess-Kayla ♥
I think they're really pretty.
Vanille Vanille
I love 'em. I get an infestation every year. Hahaha. Mostly in the windows.
Katelyn Katelyn
I love ladybugs! They are so cute, I don't mind them but I never see them : )
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