Lemon in your tea, or NOT?

Bignuf Bignuf
I love lemon in my ice tea, but then we read about all the pathoges on the unwashed lemons in resturants. Do you want a LEMON WEDGE on your glass?
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Pixel Pixel
Nope. I'm not a fan of lemons floating in my drinks, tea or otherwise.
ellieprobable ellieprobable
That is unpleasant to think about but not something that is going to keep me up at night.
mpfm mpfm
No lemon for me. I like plain water and plain unsweetened ice tea.
Chilipepper Chilipepper
25 years now, it's been "Iced tea - no sugar or lemon." Half of them still stick a lemon in it. -_-
michael scofield michael scofield
sometimes. when I dont use sugar in my tea ill squeeze some lemon to give it flavor or i drop a lemon slice in it
Ansley Ansley
I love lemon in my tea.
theothers1 theothers1
I'm not usually a fan.
anonkitty anonkitty
Generally not. I prefer hot tea over iced though, so it works out. =]
rockblenny rockblenny
I like lemon in my tea.
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