Listening to Christmas songs?

AmberM AmberM
Am i the only one listening to Christmas Songs already or are others doing it too? I would have my Christmas tree up already too, but we have new kittens... and I don't want to repeat last year's incident of having all of the bows off the tree by the time Christmas was here.... that was a horrible mess.
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T&A1987 T&A1987
I usually wait until december to start doing christmas stuff
Pink Jewel Pink Jewel
I also wait until December to start christmas stuff. I usually put up my tree the second week.
Drakoni Drakoni
I'm not putting things up for another week or so. I'm not a fan of the nonstop holiday songs for over a month. We'll listen to a few songs while celebrating with family, that's it.
GenderSexplorations GenderSexplorations
December first can start the Christmas season. Not before then.
geliebt geliebt
I celebrate Pastafarian "Holiday" so for me, it starts whenever the heck I like, usually around the beginning of November. I put my Holiday tree up a couple weeks ago =D Usually the only christmas-y stuff going on is if there are christmas movies on, which I always welcome!
LavenderSkies LavenderSkies
I do it too
married with children married with children
no christmas music here yet.
null null
No Christmas music yet! In fact, I'll probably try to put it off till the week of.
Howells Howells
Sometimes when I'm shuffling a few of them get in the playlist even in the summer! Mostly from soundtracks. If you listen to them one month before: it makes you well set up and really in the mood for xmas!
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