Lucid Dreams...

catsin catsin
I've always wanted to be skilled at lucid dreaming, but have yet to accomplish much. This morning, however, I had a peculiar experience:

I was dreaming that an abusive ex had returned. He was flipping out and grabbed some scissors and began chasing me. While hiding I thought to myself, "this is why I left him, this feeling! It's petrifying, why would he be back? I must be dreaming. I must wake up". To which, of course, I did!

Anybody here have similar dream-time experiences to share? Or how about tips on how to improve lucidity?
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underHim underHim
I dream about sex at least a couple times a month, and my husband only rememebers his dreams when they are about me cheating on him (I never have and never would, he knows what, but others have cheated on him in the past and lets just say trust issues) I swear my son can smell hormones even when they are in my sleep, he always seems to wake me up in the middle of sex dreams.
Ciao. Ciao.
I sometimes have periods where I have lucid dreams, and often go through periods where I can't remember anything at all from my dreams. I think the real key to remembering dreams well is being on a more regular sleep schedule and getting a full night of sleep, at least that's what seems to work best for me. Occasionally a restless or broken up night will produce a dream I can remember clearly, but usually it's when I'm fairly relaxed that I start having more vivid imagery.
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