wdanas wdanas
For those that wear makeup, do you tend to go with whatever you can pick up at the drugstore, or is cheap/on sale, or do you have pickier tastes about cosmetics?

I tend to go for the more high-end items, mostly because they work best for me and don't irritate my skin. I have a friend who can wear anything from any brand and never have an issue, and doesn't understand my expensive makeup habits. Then again, she must have 300 pairs of shoes...
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acessorie acessorie
I go to places like ulta that have professionals and an array of make up low end and high end.
interestingstuff interestingstuff
I have sensitive skin, so I stick with the more reliable brands that cost more.
shcoo shcoo
I mostly use Maybelline and CoverGirl products. I guess that's "drugstore" quality?

I'm willing to spend more on eyeshadow that does not crease though.
Missmarc Missmarc
I rarely use make-up. I have a few things from Dior sitting there for when I need to use make-up. I personally don't believe expensive make-up is better made. The ones I have are pretty expensive. I bought them because of the nice packaging.
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