Man "Regrows" Foreskin

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Man "Regrows" Foreskin

Ansley Ansley
Here's the link to the article: link

Summary: Man is jealous that wife has better orgasms as she aged, and decides to regrow his foreskin. He taped the skin from the shaft over the end of a film canister that he squeezed the glans into in hopes of restoring sensitivity. He insists moisture is key to this process. In did, in fact, create excess skin and he claims the tip of his penis is more sensitive than when he began. He developed a product for other men and says he hopes to one day go ut of business if his dream of making cicumcision illegal (until the child can consent) becomes reality.

What are your thoughts?
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Jul!a Jul!a
That's a really interesting concept. And the short article about the woman with 2 vaginas is pretty neat too.
Ansley Ansley
Holy typos batman!

It* did, in fact...
O*ut of business...
hjtee hjtee
I actually seen that episode on TLC last night. It was very interesting. Tyra also did a special on women with two vaginas once.
ScottA ScottA
I've seen this before and it seems to be genuine. Unfortunately there's really no way to regrow the nerves that were lost, so sensitivity will remain about the same, but the big thing I saw about it was research indicating that a foreskin made sex more comfortable/pleasurabl e for your partner.
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