McDonald's Breakfast Burrito.

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McDonald's Breakfast Burrito.

AmberM AmberM
Have you ever had a MCD'S Breakfast burrito? I love them, and my grandma picks me one up every morning on her way back from work.. mm, so tasty. I don't like McDonald's Eggs on really anything else besides the burrito, but Egg+cheese+tortilla+pe ppers (i think) =MMM, mm, good.
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Chirple Chirple
It is sooo good. *drool*

Also, they're different eggs, if you're curious. The burrito mix is pre-packaged, whereas the round eggs and scrambled eggs are made to order.

And the cheeeesseeeee. *drool*
AmberM AmberM
That Could be why i like the eggs so much then! Hehe. Yes, the cheese.. Mm.
Kilgorescowboy Kilgorescowboy
I like their Mcgriddles.
Jul!a Jul!a
I'm not big on any of McDonald's breakfast food. Well, I like the sausage mcmuffin, but that's about it.
Crystal1 Crystal1
I've never had one! Then again, I'm rarely awake during breakfast hours.
JessCee JessCee
I've never had their Breakfast Burrito... I always get the biscuit and gravy, ALWAYS! LOL
Rossie Rossie
I like their sausage mcmuffin more, maybe I'll go out and grab one this morning, haven't woke up so early in a while!
El-Jaro El-Jaro
I like most of McDonald's breakfast food, but it's the unhealthiest!

I'd rather make the stuff and home.
Mike Honcho Mike Honcho
I'm with JR and Julia. The only thing we eat from McDon's is the sausage mcmuffin. Homemade is much better!
married with children married with children
there burrito is ok. but all there breakfast food is so bad for you. I will eat one every once in a while, when I am running around with no time to cook breakfast.
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