Midwest EFers!

BBW Talks Toys BBW Talks Toys
That's it! I need it. I need a meet up. I spend all day chatting with you folks, I need to meet you all. So WHO is in the Midwest or would be willing to travel to the Midwest that is interested in this? If we can find enough people maybe we can actually get EF to do this! I have too much fun with y'all not to meet you!
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ZenaidaMacroura ZenaidaMacroura
I'm in the Midwest. Not sure if I could do a meetup. It would pretty much depend on when and where.
Taylor Taylor
I live in Missouri. I have a funny work and school schedule though so I'm not sure I could travel too far.
TitsMcScandal TitsMcScandal
I live near Chicago. I'd be interested, but I'd need to know well in advance so I can take off work and such.
Persephone's Addiction Persephone's Addiction
I'm in Fort Wayne, Indiana
BBW Talks Toys BBW Talks Toys
It would definitely be planned far enough in advance to allow people to save moolah and plan for the trip.
Jul!a Jul!a
I'm near Chicago. If it wasn't too cost prohibitive I would definitely be down for traveling somewhere in state.
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