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Entropy Entropy
There is no cable TV where I live; I'm too far in the boondocks for that. I don't have satellite; I'm not at home often enough to justify it. The past few months I've tried out these three services. While I love my kindle and kindle fire, I'm not too keen on Amazon prime. It's pricey with a poor selection. I find that Hulu offers solid TV show programming, but miserable movie selections. Netflix has the best movie choices, but totally reeks in the TV show department. If you use these services (streaming only, not talking DVDs here), which do you use and why?
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unfulfilled unfulfilled
We watch netflix mostly for the kids cartoons and I get DVD's sent. I don't have any tv shows that I want to watch so we're not getting it for that.
AmberM AmberM
We use netflix and hulu. I agree that Hulu is more for tv shows where netflix is more for movies
Deeder Deeder
We watch a TON of stuff on Netflix, and luckily for us most of the shows we're interested in are available to stream.
ScarletFox ScarletFox
I use netflix to catch up on shows that aren't currently avaliable on Hulu and Hulu for shows that I want to watch every week. I think right now on Netflix I am watching Bones and Supernatural while Hulu is for Once Upon a Time.
powerandintent powerandintent
I always found a ton of tv shows to watch on netflix. I had hulu plus for about a month when I dropped cable and even with it only being 7 dollars a month I couldn't justify having it.
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