Do you have a nickname?

shannyshann shannyshann
My grandma calls me Punkin and my man calls me babe or baby, but that's it really.
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Geogeo Geogeo
My close friends and family call me Geo.
PeaceToTheMiddleEast PeaceToTheMiddleEast
My nickname is Kiki mostly online. My bf calls me baby or babe.
shySEXXaddict shySEXXaddict
Originally posted by shannyshann
My grandma calls me Punkin and my man calls me babe or baby, but that's it really.
Everyone calls me Ger but its really weird now when I hear it because thats my bfs nickname too..just if spelled would be Jer! my name is Geri and his is Jeremy! I think Babe is bf calls me that too.~When i was little my gram use to call me burgerannie(god I miss her )because I guess I always wanted to go to Mcd's for a hamburger!
ejrbrndps ejrbrndps
usually "e"
ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
My dad calls me "T bone" because that is his favorite steak. I guess I am his favorite son???

My good friends call me DW or Dick Weed.
Kitka Kitka
Mostly I get babe, angel or sweetpea from the hubby.

Friends just use a shortened version of my first name.
kitty1949 kitty1949
I got into two car accidents two weeks apart this past winter, so my friends have taken to calling me Crash, lol.
Beck Beck
In high school everyone called me BTB. It stood for Big Titted Becky. I hated that! Other than that...I don't have a nick name.
CaliGirl CaliGirl
people who know me well call me LU
CountryPrincess CountryPrincess
When i was little my family called me Dizzyliz, in high school a few friends called me Gecko as a joke, but everyone calls me Liz so I guess that is a nickname too. And my bf calls me babe, baby and sweetheart
hyacinthgirl hyacinthgirl
The shortened version of my name is Siri, so that's led to some jokes lately. Otherwise, I don't have one.
WildeKnight WildeKnight
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