No Kill Shelters For Animals

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No Kill Shelters For Animals

Sera Sera
To know more, please check out this link. You'll be glad you did. It's a personal sort of announcement from me to inform everyone of what they are if you don't know, and I've got the belief in this system. I've got one at home that's licensed and that's on the side of my veterinary job. I love doing it and I love fostering. I'd love to see what everyone thinks of it and hear about how you found your pets as well, if you found them at shelters or not.

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Dusk Dusk
Well....I'm an animal lover, and I adopted both my dogs from a shelter. I currently volunteer when I can at my local shelter, and I think if the world was a perfect place and we could all have no-kill shelters then it would be wonderful. However, I don't think it's feasible. Many no-kill shelters across the country are run by humane societies, who have a choice of which animals to take in and find homes for. City shelters, on the other hand, take in every animal they find and often house animals who have been severely abused and are in more pain than necessary. City shelters also fill up extremely quickly, and depending on the socioeconomic status of the surrounding area, as well as whether it is urban or rural, can seriously affect how many animals are adopted.

I think, most of all, we need more education for everyone about what it means to own a pet, as well as how to report animal abuse. More people need to encourage their friends to adopt from shelters and foster animals.
Phoenix713 Phoenix713
Dusk is right. Education is probably the biggest thing that society needs to work on. But I'm with you on the no-kill. I don't agree with the killing of innocent animals when there are trillions of humans overpopulating the earth. Who puts us down? Aren't we overpopulated? We, like China, should only be allowed to have one child. I foster animals all the time myself and am constantly finding homes for them. Thirteen cats so far. 12 dogs.
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