Non-pornographic movies to mastubate to...

TJtheMadHatter TJtheMadHatter
I was wondering if any one else masturbated to non-porno movies, when they were younger or still do.

*My go-to VHS was Boogie Nights. I know it's as close to porn a non porn movie could get, but I'm being honest.
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twelve13 twelve13
Haha. I masturbated to episodes of Angel before. And Gia, Loving Annabelle. And the L Word.
bratcat bratcat
When in middle school there were a lot of late night shows after hours that wouldn't sensor things like women's breast, as well as some movies with "adult themes" that i would masturbate to. In high school i would watch the same sex scene from the move Spun on a loop to get off. Now i usually just stick with porn if im going to watch some sort of video.
Gary Gary
I expect a lot of peeps to say 'Bound'. I have never done anything while watching it... but that one is hot!
spiced spiced
When I was a teenager, I would masturbate to just about ANYTHING. Charlie's Angels, Wonder Woman — you name it! I did A LOT of rewinding and re-playing of certain scenes in a number of juvenile comedies (e.g., Porky's) when we first got a VCR.
MissAdara MissAdara
...Dracula II Assention (sp?) LMBO. What, Dracula was kinda hot in the dream sequence.
namelesschaos namelesschaos
When i was younger...anything with boobs. Now only the movie Mean Girls.
Sammi Sammi
I'll admit to doing it to Pumping Iron a time or two
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