Offensive Things

lezergirl lezergirl
Whats the most offensive thing you've seen on EF? (If you've seen anything at all)
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Cream in the Cupcake Cream in the Cupcake
It would take a lot to truely offend me.
BadgersRose BadgersRose
I don't think I've seen anything offensive as far as items go... but I'm sure there are some things said in the forums that are offensive but I haven't read everything here yet.
Brandi Rouxxx Brandi Rouxxx
Nothing so far. It would take a lot to offend me as well.
I can't think of any products that offend me, but sometimes threads can go sour.

Usually offensive people don't stick around on the site very long...being mean or rude doesn't win friends
Daniel & Brittany Daniel & Brittany
Nothing even remotely offensive yet, all the people here are great and the site well being a site i think has little room to offend lol
hjtee hjtee
Nothing in terms of products, but on the discussion board probably this:


It has to be a joke.
Kat Shanahan Kat Shanahan
Originally posted by hjtee
Nothing in terms of products, but on the discussion board probably this:


It has to be a joke.
Sadly, I'm not entirely sure it is. Or, if it is, it's a pretty accurate facsimile of some of the things I've been asked by people I know.
teeny <3 teeny <3
I haven't been too offended yet. Sometimes I'll read a forum comment that rubs me the wrong way or wonder how someone could think something I feel is just ridiculous. But I have to remind myself that just about everything we know about sex/sexuality is based on experiences and observations. Consequently it's nearly impossible to prove any stance entirely right or wrong, true or false, moral or immoral. And it's just as difficult to not feel passionately about one's own point of view. In the end I reach the realization that although some things are certainly worth discussing and learning about, there's no point in arguing.
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