Operating Systems and Age

lezergirl lezergirl
I saw another poll on here about operating system preferences and thought I'd see if it has anything to do with age
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I prefer Windows and...
❦Angel Of Music❦ , Pleasure Piratess , Ajax , ToyTimeTim , 34 , markeagleone , hive83 , El-Jaro , Redboxbaby , Adriana Ravenlust , REDRUM , KaraSutra , Moein , jakjak , Dusk , ZenaidaMacroura , Hadespark , Illusional , littlezimmey , Taylor , wagremsnug , ellejay , UnknownGirl , ~LaUr3n~ , A Closet Slut (aka nipplepeople) , Kindred , C4ss , Jimbo Jones , darthkitt3n , Shellz31 , *HisMrs* , Harpina is gone , humblepie , aimtoplease , Kinky T , MissCandyland , MissBre , Deeder , GONE! , PeaceToTheMiddleEast , November , elli , vegweg , T&A1987 , Allstars316 , Tuesday , Talena , brevado , Kat and Aaron(aaron) , meitman , jr2012 , LavenderSkies , Cinnyree , skeeterlynn
I prefer Mac and...
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I prefer Linux and...
Chilipepper , WHITEMIKE , toxie m , wagremsnug , Lummox , dv8 , joja , humblepie , Missmarc , Llewey , jr2012
I don't care about o.p systems and...
I'm 1-25 years old
lezergirl , ❦Angel Of Music❦ , Ajax , Adriana Ravenlust , REDRUM , NaturalWoman , DeliciousSurprise , PiratePrincess , Dusk , ZenaidaMacroura , Hadespark , Illusional , littlezimmey , toxie m , Taylor , ellejay , ~LaUr3n~ , lovebugg , A Closet Slut (aka nipplepeople) , C4ss , darthkitt3n , Tart , MaryExy , *HisMrs* , joja , humblepie , Kinky T , ghalik , michael scofield , MissBre , GONE! , sextoylover , LovesAPoet , elli , meezerosity , vegweg , T&A1987 , Llewey , LavenderSkies , shesFlawless , sunkissedJess , skeeterlynn
I'm 25-35 years old
Pleasure Piratess , Chilipepper , 34 , El-Jaro , KaraSutra , Moein , jakjak , That Guy , tim1724 , UnknownGirl , Lummox , leatherlover , eggiweg , the other jo , sixfootsex , Shellz31 , Harpina is gone , aimtoplease , MissCandyland , Deeder , PeaceToTheMiddleEast , Allstars316 , Talena , brevado , Missmarc , meitman , jr2012 , Cinnyree
I'm 35-45 years old
ToyTimeTim , markeagleone , Redboxbaby , WHITEMIKE , Sammi , wagremsnug , Kindred , Jimbo Jones , dv8 , jennifur77 , November , Kat and Aaron(aaron)
I'm 45-55 years old
Tuesday , Neotigress
I'm 55+ years old
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Ajax Ajax
I've used windows my whole life (not that my life has been very long lol) so it's just what I'm used to. It's what we had in school and any place I've ever worked has also used windows.
ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
I started using computers before Windows was thought of. LOL (kinda feeling old here)

I would like to try a Mac but I do not see that happing in the near future.
markeagleone markeagleone
I was around before the age of operating systems. The first I used was 3.11. Before that, it was alot of work in typing. I have played with everyone out there, but Windows is my favorite. It's easy to rewrite programs to my specs.
Redboxbaby Redboxbaby
I, too, have been around since long before Windows or computers were household items. My first job required me to literally "ring-up" customers. The register was an old one with the arm you had to crank. I think that is why I have tinnitus in my ear now. I took typing and shorthand in high school. I didn't get a computer at work, until '92 (and even then it was DOS) and let me tell you it was something for all of us to load up the typewriters and wave good-bye to them!
KaraSutra KaraSutra
I've been using Windows ever since I can remember...and that's a really long time!
Moein Moein
I have windows fever for long time
Most trojans, viruses, spware, ans maleware are designed for windows and mac. Ubuntu is the best, but it is hard to find some programing for it. It is the fastest, especially on startup.
PiratePrincess PiratePrincess
I had windows my whole life, but I recently moved to mac and I love it. There is definitely an adjustment period when learning to use mac though. In the beginning I missed windows, but now I love my mac.
Dusk Dusk
I've always used Windows. I think Macs are pretty and function well, but I feel like they're made so much for beginners that I actually get more confused. Plus, when they do decide to go wrong I don't know how to fix them.
Illusional Illusional
I know Windows WAY better, and feel comfortable with them. A MAC, they're gorgeous and my older sister works for Apple and vouches for them, but ehh, not for me.
That Guy That Guy
The only drawback I've ever found with the mac was access to certain webpages. Other than that, it's much more user-friendly.
toxie m toxie m
I had a Mac that I loved but sadly had to get rid of for work (needed to upgrade but couldn't afford a new Mac, gosh they're pricey) and now I run Linux. I like it just as much as my Mac - or maybe that it's that I just really dislike Windows
UnknownGirl UnknownGirl
Apple is evil.
leatherlover leatherlover
I grew up on Windows at school but Apple at home. I had a Dell of my own for 8 years, but just replaced it with an Apple and absolutely loving the Apple. Will never go back to a PC.
Lummox Lummox
My job is computer related, so I've used a variety of operating systems, including some really old like IBM OS/2 or relatively rare such as BSD family. Linux (specifically openSuSE) is operating system of my choice for now. Sometimes I have to use Windows, but I'm OK with it and I don't consider myself a fan of any operating system. I just choose the one that is more efficient considering my current tasks.
Harpina is gone Harpina is gone
I'm 26 and I've only every used Windows.
joja joja
Linux > OS X > Windows for me.
dv8 dv8
Bring back CP/M!
humblepie humblepie
I use Windows on my main laptop, but I also use an old IBM laptop running Puppy Linux that works for light stuff. It's neat, but wine is a pain and I like the sleekness of Windows. In the past I've also used other Linux variants and some weird spin-off of Ubuntu.
Kinky T Kinky T
I've always used Windows but I also have a free Linux OS called Jolicloud installed that I've tried acclimating myself to... Windows is just so prevalent that it's easiest.
MissCandyland MissCandyland
I'm 27 and have used Windows my whole life. I like it a lot. I haven't used the other operating systems though...so I cannot compare them.
michael scofield michael scofield
i used a mac at school and loved it but had windows pretty much my whole life cause apple is so expensive. now i have a macbook and so happy but now i could never go back windows is garbage. i love macs. runs so smoothly and i never have any problems
I use Windows because I grew up using Windows, but I want to try Linux next.
jennifur77 jennifur77
Originally posted by lezergirl
I saw another poll on here about operating system preferences and thought I'd see if it has anything to do with age
Almost 40 and made the switch to Mac last year.
PeaceToTheMiddleEast PeaceToTheMiddleEast
I use windows and I am 35. I grew up using windows and would not have it any other way.
Ms. N Ms. N
I never used a computer until middle school, and that was an Apple IIe. It was a good ten or twelve years later before I had a computer for personal use (though I did use the computer labs a bit in my later years of college - before that, I had to rely on typewriters for research papers). I have used Windows ever since. Never tried anything else, but I am not opposed to it.
meezerosity meezerosity
Mac user in the under 25 crowd. My dad is a Mac fan, he encouraged me early on when I got my first laptop for college.
Allstars316 Allstars316
Been using windows for the last 15 years and don't see myself going to Macs.
brevado brevado
I use both, have for almost 20 years. Always preferred Windows. Excited about Win8
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