Out of the mouth of babes...

CaliGirl CaliGirl
We all know that kids have no filters. What is the funniest thing that you've ever heard a kid say?
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Geogeo Geogeo
My nephew at 3 years old was eating cheezies and was like 'There's f*ucking peanuts in this!" Haha
Madsinner Madsinner
I was in a huge group of people and my neice grabbed my boobs and started screaming "BOOBIES< BOOBIES" at the top of her lungs. Hilarious.
Rin (aka Nire) Rin (aka Nire)
I don't have any kid quotes of my own, but my mother once told me that, when he was very little, my brother proclaimed that he wanted "Kenfucky Fried Chicken" for dinner. Not so much a filtering issue as a lettering mix-up, but damn funny all the same.
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