Did you have a favorite parent?

HoneyBear69 HoneyBear69
Did you have a favorite or were more close to one or the other?
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surreptitious surreptitious
There are a few threads on this already - here and here, for example. It looks like you're new to EF - welcome! You may like to check out my guide on how to go about posting in the forums and look into Wicked Wahine's great tips on how to search if you're having trouble using the search engine on Eden.
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
As a young boy it was my mother - because my father was somewhat absent - and occasionally abusive. However once I get past college, my father and I bonded and were very close. They've both passed now - and it's best to think about the good things.
eri86 eri86
I don't have a favorite parent. Any more than they have a favorite child. Still, I do feel my father understands me a bit better than my mom does. But My father and I have similar personalities.
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