How many people only work Monday to Friday? If so does Friday seem like the longest day ever?

freud13 freud13
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I'm a social worker and usually work Monday to Friday even though I am on call on weekends. Friday seems to be the longest day ever when I am at work....anyone else experience this?
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LLmama LLmama
I'm a daycare provider (Kids are not here now!) lol but I work M-F and also find friday to be the longest day. I'm just ready for it to be my husband and OUR kid. Thank god todays Friiiiday! Happy weekend!
spookycutie spookycutie
I'm waiting on my background check clearance for a new job, but it's Monday through Friday and I couldn't be more excited. I haven't worked a Mon - Fri job in YEARS, and I HATED working weekends.
Friday did always seem to drag on and on, though...
js250 js250
I own a Mon-Fri business, but find either Mon or Fri is the longest. It depends on the projects I have lined up for Fridays. Today I had multiple signs that had to go out for an event this weekend and am amazed how fast it went.
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