Playing "Never Have I Ever"

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Playing "Never Have I Ever"

BuckeyeGal04 BuckeyeGal04
This is a fun game (that usually involves some drinking) to play with friends to reveal some interesting things about them. What kinds of statements might you say "Never have I ever _________" to shake things up?

If you're not familiar with the game, an example is you would say "Never have I ever had a threesome". Anyone who HAS had a threesome would then take a drink. It's fun to look around in anticipation as to who is going to move that glass to their lips! You can also invoke a rule that the person must give a detailed account of why they are drinking. Fun times!
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Drakoni Drakoni
Not drinking yet! LOL

Never have I ever slept with a woman.
BuckeyeGal04 BuckeyeGal04
LOL! As a woman, you don't have me drinking yet either, Drakoni!

Never have I ever been video-taped during sex.
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