Quitting Smoking

Badass Badass
Has anyone on Eden become a quitter?
Did you use the patch? Chantix? Or another method?

Do you ever still crave one?
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Jul!a Jul!a
I quit, although some say I didn't because I still have the occasional smoke while I'm drinking. I'm probably also no help on how to quit because I just stopped. For me it was more of a habit than anything else s quitting was as easy as just not doing it anymore. I know it's a lot harder for a lot of people though. Friends have had good luck with quitting cold turkey, but other friends haven't been able to do it without their e-cigs.
Dear Ruby Dear Ruby
My neighbor used Chantrix, but gave it up about a week and a half in because he was having terrible nightmares and homicidal thoughts toward his boyfriend. Oddly, he broke up with the boyfriend a few months later, and has quit smoking
KyotoAngel KyotoAngel
My mother used Chantix and an obscene amount of lollipops. Worked great for her actually, she's been about two years smoke free. =)
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