Recycling Program

unfulfilled unfulfilled
Does your community have a recycling program? I live in a town of 800 so there's not much going on here and we do not have a recycling program, but we try to recycle cans by giving them to my husbands grandpa and he takes them off. Does your community have a recycling program and do you take advantage of it? Do you only recycle cans, plastic, and paper?
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buzzvibe buzzvibe
We have curbside recycling now, which is awesome! I don't even have to sort--everything goes into a blue bag that gets picked up on trash day. Except they don't accept glass. I have to take that to the local recycling center. We also have a place to drop off electronics for recycling, which is where my old/broken vibes end up.
zwee75 zwee75
We do curbside too. Comingled. But it's not town-operated. It's a service that we pay for monthly (along with garbage).
Sweet-Justice Sweet-Justice
They do, thank goodness. I couldn't stand that the last place I lived didn't.
Jul!a Jul!a
Curbside where I'm at right now. Everything that can be recycled goes into the recycling bin and put out at the curb.
unfulfilled unfulfilled
I wish my community was like this. I know it is harder for small town country folk, but it would be so beneficial. Someone mentioned electronics, my husband works as a computer tech at a local public school and they have someone pick up their old electronics once a year so I add our stuff to that. I donate old cell phones to the woman's shelter b/c they can use them for 911, and batteries I collect and drop off where I used to work b/c my old boss will send them off.
Princess Zelda Princess Zelda
I live in a some what city area and yes we have recycling and the state comes out to collect here. Most of the time I see people taking the cans and things from my recycling box. (paper and plastic normally are left alone) It does make me feel a bit awkward but I deal not like I am going to run out yelling "Hey don't take my trash" lol
Errant Venture Errant Venture
We've two bins, a recycling one and a non recycling one (this is a nationwide initiative), and beyond that there are several dozen recycling places in town that we can go to for bottles, papers and the like.
Midway through Midway through
We've got a recycle program. Every 2nd tuesday of the month they swing by and pickup anything bagged outside.
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