Sex Life = Secret Life

BabyL0ve BabyL0ve
I have an obsession with sex, but no one knows that about me. I love watching porn and reading rated stories. I wanted to see if anyone hide that part of their life and why?
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Zombie Ghost Zombie Ghost
It's not something I regularly talk about. Unless it's with my g/f. And I just about assume everyone watches porn. Some people talk about sex others don't. As far as reading stories I think is something some people are into more than others. Some people are really blunt about their sex life others keep it behind closed doors. Unless your really vocal about it, I think everyone keeps it a little hush hush.
MaryExy MaryExy
My guy and I have our secrets. It's just nice to keep some stuff to ourselves.
Leila Eden Leila Eden
It's not really a secret for me, it's just something I don't talk about with just anyone. I'm open about it when people ask me questions.
Dusk Dusk
I lead a bit of a double-life. Most of my friends know that I'm extremely interested in sexual health and I've talked to them about my classes in the subject. However, very few of them know I'm a sex blogger, a toy reviewer, and a BDSM enthusiast. I just don't feel comfortable sharing that piece of my life with everyone (especially considering stories from folks who've let it bleed over). I don't want this piece of me ruining everything I have going in my life in the vanilla world, so to speak.
HouseWench HouseWench
I don't really talk about it, but I don't shy away from the truth when asked. I mean, we don't all spontaneously talk about our bowel movements. Sex, while fantastic, is just another bodily function
Howells Howells
In real life barely anyone knows details. But here it's a much more different scenario, I'm glad to be here.
ToyGurl ToyGurl
Originally posted by BabyL0ve
I have an obsession with sex, but no one knows that about me. I love watching porn and reading rated stories. I wanted to see if anyone hide that part of their life and why?
Personally, I should say that sex is somewhat of a secret part of my life. My partner knows about MOST of my "obsession" lol. I wouldn't call it an obsession actually, just something I like. It's perfectly normal. He knows about my toys, and he even has toys himself. But he doesn't know that sometimes I enjoy erotic stories. I have a book collection, but they all have covers so they look a lot like my school books. It's not so much a secret, as if he would get mad. I just don't find it important to talk about. We both agreed way back when that porn wasn't something we wanted in our love life, so we both cut it out. I didn't watch it too much to begin with, so it isn't an issue for me. But he always said that erotic stories were fine. I actually write them sometimes for fun.

Back when I was younger, sexuality is something I had to hide from my family, and I still do. They don't really know that my fiance and I sleep together. They have no idea that I own toys or use them regularly. They definitely don't approve of toys or erotic stories, so my entire sexual life is private from them.
UnknownGirl UnknownGirl
Only my hubby knows how sexual I am. I have friends that know bits and pieces, but he's the only one that knows it all.
froggiemoma froggiemoma
my sex life is pretty much between me and partener a few close friends knkow somem details
slynch slynch
I'm sure most of our family & friends would be very shocked at what happens behind our bedroom door.
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