Share your Thanksgiving horror stories!

allinonekid allinonekid
My own Thanksgiving was pretty great thise year, but I want to hear some funny/scary Thanksgiving stories. So how was your holiday?
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js250 js250
I took the turkey out of the oven and some juice splashed out and started an oven fire. Of course I lost some hair and eyebrows. My lashes even singed a bit! I needed about six inches cut off my hair anyways, it is in the crack of my butt when I sit down, eeewww, but did not plan for it that way! Thank goodness it was in a ponytail!!Freaked hubby out, but I was actually laughing so hard I about got a stitch in my side. You should hear all the Steff...stories we have-weird luck.
PassionateLover2 PassionateLover2
Here in the Pacific Northwest we somehow always have high winds blowing through exactly around Thanksgiving or Easter due to 200ft. tall cedar or fir trees near powerlines. Sure enough, our electric power went OUT while the Turkey was in the oven. Had the bird stuffed with dressing and all but when the lights came on about 2 hours later we did finish the cooking. A total of about 7 hours to cook a Turkey? It ended being OK but I was worried for a while; may have had to throw the bird out
Chilipepper Chilipepper
When my family first moved to Florida (I was eleven at the time) our first Thanksgiving had an unusually cold November and we had Serial Brownouts (the power company would rotate one hour on and one hour off since Florida power grids was not equipped to handle extreme cold conditions). As a result, dinner never finished cooking and my mother was in tears at the waste of food. I don't remember the part about dinner being ruined. I remember playing outside in a long sleeve knit shirt while the other kids in the neighborhood were bundled up in twenty sweaters.
Drakoni Drakoni
A kid who doesn't understand that you don't just start taking off clothes in the middle of a party just because you want to go swimming. Do I need to say more? I do really wish the parents would stop thinking it's cute and teach him to stop doing that before he's ten.
Gracie Gracie
I feel so bad, but this was my day. I was invited to a friend's house, and I had never met her family, just her husband once at a work pary so they were all basically strangers to me except my friend. We were sitting at the table eating and there wasnt much conversation and I asked the sister in law what it was like growing up with big brothers and she stated crying and she told her brother how mean he was and basically all hell broke lose. I'm sure they're not ever asking me back.
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