Single and bored

poetprincess poetprincess
Well after four years I broke up with the guy I was with, he wouldn't move out of his moms basement, or get a better job or do anything to improve his life. Oh and to top it off he is 36 and was cheating on me with a girl who is barely 20. yup so I called it quits. so now im single and its a Friday night and im here on this site and chatting on facebook. Just being bored. I am lost as to what do i do, I have not been single for a long time. Any ideas would be much appreciated.
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northstar northstar
Enjoy the fact that you are now free to enjoy a fresh start and you can now allow someone into your life who meets your needs and appreciates you! Stay positive
js250 js250
Do things for you! What did you set aside that you liked and your partner did not? Get back into your activities and hobbies. And take your time, it is different for everyone
Errant Venture Errant Venture
Go on a mini holiday! Or a big holiday, if you've the money for it. It sounds like you need (and deserve) some time off.
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