So, did you pick out your ring or did s/he?

liilii080 liilii080
I have been with my mate for several years and we are starting to look at engagement rings. I picked out a few so he knew my style but the one I liked best he thought looked strange. It got me wondering how many people (M or F) picked out their exact ring and who was surprised. (If you have a great story- romantic or funny- I'd love to hear that too!)
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I picked out my own ring
NaughtyButterfly , Chilipepper , Danielle1220 , NuMe , Alicia
5  (13%)
My partner picked out my ring
UnknownGirl , Redboxbaby , DONOTSHOPHERETHEOWNERISPSYCHO , Kayla , Sensual husband , Purpleladybug , OroNomi , Sammi , Gatita , Raggedy Andie , Passionate Pastor , Xavier7 , *HisMrs* , Selective Sensualist
14  (36%)
I don't believe in marriage so no need for rings
I'm not engaged but I hope to pick out my ring
kawigrl , Coralbell , dv8
3  (8%)
I'm not engaged and I hope my partner selects my ring
Lucidity , BadassFatass , kinky girlfriend , (Re)tired Stripper
4  (10%)
ToyTimeTim , Jul!a , Vaccinium , Kindred , Angel deSanguine , Red Vinyl Kitty , married with children , leatherlover , Tuesday , potstickers , Maeby , MaryExy , froggiemoma
13  (33%)
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UnknownGirl UnknownGirl
I told him what I liked and what I didn't like, but ultimately he pick out the ring. I absolutely love it, too. He did a great job. I think it would be rather unromantic if I had picked out the exact ring I wanted. It's a lot more special since he actually had to do the leg work and make a decision on his own.
Lucidity Lucidity
I agree with Oxygen-- I think it would be more meaningful if it was something he picked out.
ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
She wears my grandma's wedding ring, so neither. lol We both picked out my ring though.
Redboxbaby Redboxbaby
As with all things I wear on my body, my husband knows what looks best on me and knows my style better than I do! He did an amazing job picking out all my jewelry, took him weeks to find my diamond.
I like very unique things, I have never seen anyone else wear rings that look like mine.
Chilipepper Chilipepper
Crud - hit the wrong button. He surprised me with a ring. Gold plate, channel-set CZ, $8 at Jimbo's Jewelers and Pawn. The settings turned green within three months.

I picked out and paid for our wedding rings.

The divorce was this past November. I'm throwing my rings into a river in Montana.
Jul!a Jul!a
We both sort of picked out my engagement ring. I had a ring similar to what I wanted and I knew what cut I wanted and gave him those and what I got in return was something very similar that I'm extremely happy with. We both sat down to pick out our wedding rings together.
kinky girlfriend kinky girlfriend
Originally posted by liilii080
I have been with my mate for several years and we are starting to look at engagement rings. I picked out a few so he knew my style but the one I liked best he thought looked strange. It got me wondering how many people (M or F) picked out their ...
It would be romantic if he picked it out but it appeals to me to shop for one together also
Danielle1220 Danielle1220
We went looking for rings and I showed him the one I really liked, keep in mind we weren't engaged yet, it was kinda a shopping day and he asked if I was able to pick out any ring what would it be (he was planning on asking me to marry him but of course I had no idea about it). Then about 3 or 4 months later he asked me, and had that same ring
Kayla Kayla
I let him know the general basics, but he picked out the ring on his own. It had to be heart-shaped and not a diamond. (Diamonds, in all their prissy-ness, annoy me.) Aside from that, he picked out my ring.
Vaccinium Vaccinium
My wife sent her best friend with me to pick out the ring so that she'd get the one she wanted.
liilii080 liilii080
I don't know what's in the works and I'm curious as all get out! I had hoped he'd pick it himself but after the third time he asked me to pick a few out, I gave in. He has options so it will still be a surprise and he is good at keeping a secret!
Kindred Kindred
We picked it out together.
Angel deSanguine Angel deSanguine
We went to the jewelers with the intention just to look. Well, being silly we were looking at the designer rings. I saw this gorgeous Scott Kay ring and he had me try it on. He said later that he took one look at my hand then my face and knew it was THE ring. I insisted it was way too expensive and he just went 'Okay.' with no fuss. Well, should have known that was too easy! A few months later when he pulled out that little box- yep. It was THE ring! I love love love it but it took me months to be able to wear it without freaking out about losing it!
kawigrl kawigrl
when my sister got engaged and I helped her and her fiance pic hers I realized I wanted to pick my own...
Red Vinyl Kitty Red Vinyl Kitty
Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted a pearl, not a diamond (since I hate diamonds). So, I let my husband know this (before we got engaged) but outside of that I did not choose my ring. He even surprised me by getting me a black pearl. Somehow I had expected a white one, but it wasn't a "requirement" or anything. Unfortunately, he got me a ring which had European sizes by accident and the ring was WAY too big for me to wear. We had it resized it it is still too big, so we're going to have to buy a guard now.
Alicia Alicia
We picked it out together, I'm very picky about what I like as far as jewelry goes and he just doesn't have the "eye" for the specific little details. We've never been really traditional about anything with our engagement picking out a ring together was kind of the norm for us lol
married with children married with children
we picked them out together. Mine was the easy one. just a plane platinum band. Hers took a few months until she found one she liked that matched the look of mine.
Purpleladybug Purpleladybug
We looked at them and I told him different things I liked and I told him that I wanted white gold for sure but other than that he picked it out and he did so good. I ended up with a 1 1/2 caret Princess cut solitaire.
Sammi Sammi
My partner picked out my engagement ring totally on his own and surprised me with it. I picked out the "band" that made it a wedding ring, and we picked out his together.
leatherlover leatherlover
She picked out the setting with me, but I went with a female friend and we picked out the diamond together.
Tuesday Tuesday
We picked out our rings together.
potstickers potstickers
I'd like to pick it out together.
Maeby Maeby
My engagement ring was inherited, but we each picked out our wedding bands.
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