So what's the deal on Papaya Toys?

Mwar Mwar
Sorry for being so late to the show, but why aren't they carried. I checked out some older threads and couldn't quite piece it together.

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K101 K101
Glad you asked this! I've kept an eye on them for a looong time and they never seem active. I don't know why their toys ain't here, but they do have some awesome toys!
butts butts
I always wondered about them, thought the name was cute. They have some nice toys on their site in really great colors but I'm not sure why they were never stocked on Eden. Sorry I can't really be very helpful.
Freyja9 Freyja9
Wondering this as well. It would be nice if Eden would post on the company pages if they are no longer doing business...for example, Toibocks and Liberator are still posted companies and they've been long gone.

I would be interested in Papaya toys too. Following this posting now.
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