Nazaress Nazaress
What are your favorite types of socks? I know it's a weird question but I just bought a whole bunch of cute socks at Deb's so I'm kind of sock-crazy. My absolute favorite socks are knee-high socks. I also like ankle socks, though, and wear them most of the time because they're the most comfortable. I save the knee-highs for when I'm wearing skirts. I'll only wear other types of socks if they're cute and comfortable.
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BobbiJay BobbiJay
I only wear socks if I have to. I was raised inn the country and ran around barefoot everywhere. It is a habit that stuck. When I do wear socks they are ankle socks.
Clandestine Clandestine
I love socks. My favourites would be the black and grey horizontal thick stripe. They make me feel witchy.

I realize that's a bit odd, but I suppose it's only in character.
Sir Sir
For me? Argyle, calf-high. They must be fitting with what I am wearing that day, as in, if I am wearing a blue suit shirt, I wear my navy argyle socks.
Pixel Pixel
I'm not normally one to wear socks, but if I am, it's usually knee high striped socks!
shcoo shcoo
Thigh-highs or just black normal socks.
Do emu Do emu
I went a long time wearing nothing but knee-highs. I have a few knitted thigh highs that I adore, but sadly the heels wore down. I can't part with them though!

Other than that, I wear neon-colored ankle socks.
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