Phoenix67 Phoenix67
Anybody have one of these/tried the soda? My parents just bought one and I think they have a taste like flat soda, even though they are fizzy...some of them do taste pretty good, though.
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cricket cricket
No never have
Willowe Willowe
My mom has one and absolutely loves it. I tried it once- it was okay, but not something I think I'd ever get for myself.
Michele Michele
I had one and then it sat in my pantry for a long time. Sold it for $20 and now Walmart sells them with all sorts of flavors. Sort of wish I kept it but, the Co2 bottles were around $25 or so each plus shipping when I had mine.
vanilla&chocolate vanilla&chocolate
I really want one, but I'm not sure if I'll get one! It seems like a fantastic, innovative idea. However, I drink far more soda than coffee, so I'm not entirely sure if it would be worth it.
LaSchwartz LaSchwartz
I have on the best flavor is the orange soda. The cola tastes like a off brand but not to bad. I also enjoyed the energy drink it like red bull.
married with children married with children
my kids love the commercial for it, but no we have not tried one.
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